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about the project

"Econt Express" LTD is a legalized mail operator and perform all kinds of universal and no universal mail services - mail, courier, cargo. The advantages of Econt are the established market place and the well-known trade mark, the large network of offices in the country and the wide range of services which Econt provides.

Trough the Franchise Project we provide an easier access to the clients to mail and courier services which we perform, using the possibility of collaboration with enterprising traders, which obtain a trade place, convenient for sole or simultaneous work with the trader's main activity and the courier and mail services.

Our proposal is to include your trade place in the courier network of Econt, giving you the possibility to propose to your
clients the whole scale of mail, courier and cargo services. Our engagement is to give you an easy access
to the software, advertising and delivery service of the parcels from/to you to/from the consignee.
At your side remains the contact with the customers and
the maintaining of the acceptance and the delivery of the parcels.

The earning from this trade partnership will be a percentage of the value of each
accepted/delivered parcel, regardless of the place of paying of the service (by shipper or consignee).
The popularity and the good name of our trademark, the wide range of mail,
courier and cargo services could form a stable income for your company.

The first trade representatives of Econt date from year 2001, and from this year till nowadays we have
included 280 trade places, which work in our system with a success.