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why franchise econt

Everybody looks for young, ambitious, motivated specialists with an university degree, speaking English and other languages, with a perfect computer skills, with experience and so on... We mostly search thinking and practical people - the most important for you is to have a wish to work in a fast changing conditions.

Econt Express is a company with a proven name and established trademark, technology and a specific know-how and provides to their partners even more than this - a technical aid, education of the employees, advertising strategies, a management concept and other intangible and material assets, related with the nature of this kind of business. At the other side the franchisee is obliged to follow the standards of the quality of the provided services indicated by the franchiser and to keep close to his marketing politics.

Work training carried out by professional lecturers from the Center for qualification - Econt, licensed professional training institution. The training includes knowledge about courier services, work technology, acceptance, service and delivery of packages, filling of waybill, responsibility regarding the transport, terms for delivery, working with a specialized software - ERP system for control of parcels' transfer, payments and etc. Accordingly our program, the training continuous 3 days. It finishes with a short test on the presented material.

For any consultation and operational support after the beginning of the work all of the franchisers can count on special organized Consulting center with working time from 06 a.m. till 22 p.m., where our specialists can answer to all your questions about the working processes. You can connect them by phone, e-mail or chat - whatever is comfortable for you.

By entering of the Econt's network, you can increase not only the straight financial income, which is enough to support small or middle company, but also to increase the range of provided services in your trade place, and hence the degree of client's satisfaction.